Net Revenue Share

With the Net Revenue Share plan, you earn up to 45% on casino revenue and up to 35% of the cross channel net revenues generated by your referrals from the Sportsbook, Racebook, and Poker Room (depending on the total net revenues earned each calendar month).

Commissions are earned on the combined total of Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino and Poker net revenue. The percentage breakdown is as follows:

How It Works

For example, if your total net revenue in August is $8,500, you'll earn 25% of your total net revenue for that month. However, if your total net revenue increases to $13,000 in September, your commission rate will increase to 30% for the month of September. This plan allows you to maximize annual commission despite the seasonal fluctuations.

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

We offer CPA deals for select affiliates. To see if you qualify, please contact a member of the management team through your account.