Online Casino Affiliate Networks Guide for 2023

By 2024, the online gaming industry is expected to be worth upwards of $90 billion. That’s a lot of money. For context, if you had $90 billion, you could buy the New York Yankees 15 times over. Because this industry is booming and doesn’t see any signs of stopping, there are ways to reap the benefits by joining one of the many online casino affiliate networks.

What are Online Casino Affiliate Networks?

An online casino affiliate network is a website or group of websites designed to act as the middle-person between an online casino and the player. Since players are looking for a safe place to play their favorite games, they’ll first do their research. Instead of sifting through many sites to determine which betting sites offer the best bonus and free spins, players want to get that info all in one place. By joining a casino affiliate network, you can be the one-stop shop that gives players everything they need to pick a casino to play at. 

Online Casino Affiliate Networks: How do they Work?

Online casino affiliates work when potential customers land on your site and from there go to a casino. You will be given a special link from the online casino to place on your site. This link tracks where the customer comes from and if they’ve made a deposit on the casino site. You earn a commission based on an agreed-upon amount. The more customers you send to the casino, the more money you make. 

How to Benefit from Online Casino Affiliate Networks

As we said above, the online casino industry is one of the more lucrative industries in the world. Although you won’t make enough money in your first year to buy the Yankees even once, you could earn major rewards and turn your casino affiliate site into a full-fledged business that nets you a profit. We’ll get into how you get paid later on but first, we need to explore licensing. 

Online Casino Affiliate Networks: Licensing & Regulation

As a member of any online casino affiliate network, it’s important to partner with a casino or sportsbook (where customers can bet on sports) that follows the licensing and regulations of where they’re located. You are not running the online casino, you are simply supplying it with players, hence, you do not need a license. Unless you live in New Jersey. This state likes to complicate things when it comes to online gaming and requires that casinos and their affiliates get licensed. The reason is that as a member of the network, you are getting paid by the online casino (your commission) making them your employer. It’s also a state where New York NFL teams play. Weird, right? Why can’t they play in New York? It’s not like there aren’t stadiums there.

In terms of regulations, some online casino affiliate networks will supply you with marketing materials (besides the affiliate link that we mentioned above). If they do, these materials must be in line with the regulations not just where they’re located but in your location too. There are strict advertising rules in place in most jurisdictions when it comes to online gambling so ensure you read up on the laws before you post any marketing or ads on your site. 

Getting Paid by a Casino Affiliate Network

As with any job, you want to rake in fat stacks of cash or cryptocurrency depending on the affiliate network you’re part of. The more players you send from your affiliate website to an online casino, the more you make. When you sign the agreement with an online casino affiliate program your commission will be outlined so there are no surprises. The commission structure is as follows:

  • CPA – this is cost-per-acquisition where you receive a flat fee for every player you refer. This fee may be dependent on the player making a deposit or playing a specific game the casino is promoting like roulette or slots.
  • CPL – this is cost-per-lead which, like the CPA model, you receive a flat fee for every player you refer to the casino. The difference is the fee is not dependent on the player making a deposit. The player simply has to register for the gaming site.
  • Revenue share – this model sees you earning a piece of the revenue a player nets for the casino. Rev share commission can be anywhere from 10% to 40%. There is a timeframe involved and if the player registers for the casino site but doesn’t make a deposit or play games within a certain period, you won’t get your commission. 

Payment Options

When it comes to online casino affiliate networks paying you, there are several options to choose from. You can receive your funds via e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Stripe. You can also set up a crypto wallet if you want to receive payment in Bitcoin. Finally, there’s wire transfer through which the casino sends your commission directly to your bank account. 

Payment Timing

Through the affiliate network, there are three specific payment timeframes. The first is monthly where you get paid once per month. The second is Net 15 where you get paid on the 1st, 15th, or 30th of the month (for the previous month). The third is the threshold method where your payout comes after you’ve hit a certain marker. This could be earnings of anywhere from $50 to $500. 

How to Spot an Online Casino Affiliate Network Scam

If we’ve learned anything from the past few years and numerous Netflix documentaries is that scammers be scammin’. From Anna Delvey to the Tinder Swindler, there are bad people out there who want to take your money and run. Unfortunately, online casino affiliate networks have their share of scammers too. You need to be vigilant when partnering with a network because although most are legit, the bad eggs come in and try to ruin the whole dozen. Egg metaphors on an affiliate casino network guide? We went there because you can’t make a three-egg omelet if two out of the three eggs have gone bad. 

As for the types of scams you may encounter as you search for the right online casino affiliate networks, look out for:

  • Cross-selling – This is when you’ve already signed up with an online casino, and have signed the paperwork, yet they try to sell you add-ons that make no sense. For instance, if you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions involved with a revenue share agreement, and all of a sudden, you’re getting bombarded with emails asking you to pay for additional services that seem out of the ordinary. It’s one thing for an online network to offer their marketing services as part of your original agreement, but it’s another to have them ask you to pay for extra marketing support on sketchy platforms like Truth Social. 
  • Skimming – This is when your agreed-upon commission starts shrinking even though you’ve sent the required number of players each month. if you notice that you’ve sent 50 players to an online sportsbook or poker room yet you’ve only received a commission for 25 of them, skimming is afoot!
  • Re-tagging – This occurs when one affiliate link is sent to multiple affiliate sites. Or, a link is re-tagged by the casino on their end so your commission goes back into their bottom line and you don’t see a penny.
  • Fake company – This is exactly how it sounds, a company purports to exist when in reality, it’s some guy in his mom’s basement pretending to operate an online casino affiliate program. You can tell if a company is fake by checking its online presence. Do they have social media? Do they have a website that has actual copy on it instead of buzzwords? Plus, in this day in age, people are quick to call out fraudulent behaviors and when looking into the company, if they’ve done something bad, it’ll show up in a simple Google search.

We take scamming very seriously at Betting Partners and will keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news to ensure that you don’t fall prey to malicious groups. The affiliate networks we recommend are tried, tested, and true to what they offer otherwise we wouldn’t recommend them.

What are the Top Casino Affiliate Networks?

With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed your search so you know how to choose the best casino affiliate network for your needs.

  • BitStarz: Their revenue share can reach up to 40%. However, they also offer a matching bonus for new players which can include up to 100% match of their initial deposit (basically, more money in your pocket for every player you refer). 
  • Bet365: One of the premier mobile casino affiliate networks, they offer a flat revenue share of 30%. 
  • Ace Revenue: Your commission can go as high as 50% revenue share and they offer tailored cost-per-acquisition offers the more players you send over.
  • Golden Star Casino: As an affilate you could earn up to 50% share and they support Bitcoin as a deposit method and form of payment. 

Now that you know what a casino affiliate network is and how they work, it’s time to get started so you can rake in those commissions. Don’t you want to be able to buy the Yankees 15 times over? Or at least move them to New Jersey …

Online Casino Affiliate Network FAQ