Best Online Casino Games Affiliate Sites

What are Casino Games Affiliate Sites

No matter whether you are planning on starting an affiliate business or you are a casino player, it’s always a good idea to learn more about casino game affiliate sites. These websites help players find the best online casino games for their specific needs and requirements. Every newly registered player they deliver to the partnered casino provides a commission. Of course, this is the simplest definition of casino game affiliate sites because these websites offer so much more.

For example, a typical platform like this will categorize games into several categories (slots, table games, etc.). These categories include reviews of specific titles. It depends on the website, but most will have several slot reviews (popular and/or new ones). Thanks to these reviews, you can learn how to play these games and what you can expect.

Furthermore, the best online casino games affiliate sites will show you where you can play these games. Some use geo-location trackers to provide the best casinos where you can play these titles based on your location. Many also include casino reviews with information about gambling sites’ history, payment options, a library of games, bonuses, and more. Casino game affiliates also provide various betting strategies for games like slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, etc. This can be helpful information for those who are new to them. It goes without saying that there are no magic formulas that can turn players into winners. Still, the chances of making a profit will increase if you try some strategies that match players’ gaming styles.

The mentioned things are a must for modern online casino game affiliates. They must present these things to the players if they want to attract new sign-ups to the online casinos they work with. Some platforms add a few more things to bring even more information, like blog posts where experts discuss things that can help players or news sections where readers can become familiar with the latest trends and offers in the casino industry.

How We Rate Casino Games Affiliate Sites

Literally, hundreds of casino games affiliate sites are available to players interested in online gambling. Of course, not all these sites are trustworthy and worth your time; some players learned this the hard way. To avoid situations like this, we created a system that lets us objectively rate casino game affiliate sites. Now let’s see what goes into trusting an affiliate site.

Review Quality

Tons of fun online casino games await players on hundreds of gambling websites. Still, some of them are way better than others. To get a better picture of the trustworthiness of a website, you should check the game reviews. If all reviewed games are described as outstanding and must-try, then something is wrong. Of course, we’re talking about places that promise objective reviews of all titles. Some pick only the best and most popular releases, while others review almost all new games. Also, casino game affiliates prefer to talk about game overviews (not reviews) to emphasize their objectivity.

The same goes for the casino reviews present on many sites like this. The reviews should be unbiased, leaving players to decide what’s good for them. Of course, expressing your opinion at the end of the review is not bad, but that should not be done in a salesy way.


You know that something is not right when the content of an online casino games affiliate site has been the same for months. This means someone established this site solely for profit and didn’t care about helping players. If an affiliate site has texts that mention the best games from years ago, they don’t update their content. We rate casino game affiliate sites by the freshness of their content. Players should read about trending titles and casinos and get information about the best deals.

Content Quality in General

Besides reviewing quality, you should check the quality of content in general. As mentioned in the intro, there are special sections on these websites where you can read about strategies and blog posts regarding online gambling. If these pages are made simply to encourage players to start playing, then you are looking at sites of low quality. Once again, the content should be objective, engaging, and helpful.

How to Play Casino Game Guides

Smart casino games affiliates create detailed how to play casino games guides. They know that players are always interested in additional information that can help them improve their gameplay and increase their odds of winning. So, how does a good page like this look?

First, the how to play page must deliver an attractive intro or game overview. Prospective players must understand what they will get from the page and why they should continue reading it. In most cases, this is where you can learn more about the history of the game and its origin. Typically, it starts with the land-based version and ends with the modern, online version. Another good idea is to list the most popular terms that can help users when playing. For example, you can’t expect to play blackjack successfully if you don’t know what splitting cards or surrender bets mean. These lists often have over a dozen terms.

Of course, the page must present the rules in a simple way so players can grasp the basic gameplay. Fortunately, most casino games don’t have complex gameplay, and it usually takes just a few minutes to understand how it all works. This doesn’t mean that players should launch a title before going to the end of the how to play page. That’s why the page also includes specific tips. Since most games have a few variants, a section explaining the most popular ones is also a good idea. With the help of this section, users can opt for the best variant that suits their gaming style.

Another thing that makes a good how-to-play page is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) at the end of the page. For casino games affiliates, this is good for SEO because many readers can visit the site when they look for specific questions in the search engines. On the other hand, readers can benefit from reading concise answers that will clear up all their dilemmas.

Sometimes as part of the how to play page, while on others, as separate pages, we have information about betting strategies provided by affiliates. This is useful because you never know what kinds of players can visit the website. Some of them are complete beginners and/or casual players who need basic information for better results. Some users want to take their experience to another level (high rollers, for example). This is where the betting strategies come into play. The best casino games affiliate sites will show you proven betting strategies that should provide success in the long run. As mentioned above, readers should not expect miracles, and promising successful formulas for becoming rich from playing casino games should be a big red flag for every reader. They should stay away from such sites.

Finally, we have pages about how to sign up at online casinos and play your favorite games. This information usually includes step-by-step processes explained in simple terms. Overall, the how-to pages can turn newbies into well-informed players, which should be the primary objective of every page like this.

Online Casino Games for Free vs. for Real Money

Even if you have never used a gambling website before, you probably know that there are free online casino games and casino games for real money. The first ones are also known as demos and provide the same experience as the real money version, minus the chance to win real prizes. Almost every casino game affiliate promotes free games. So, why do they do this? The reason is straightforward: to attract players. Every person, even partially interested in this activity, will use the opportunity to try the game without risking their money. Almost all games have free versions, especially online slots.

When players play for free (these games usually have signs like Demo or Try for Free or Free Play on them), they can understand the game’s mechanics personally. Indeed, the game reviews are helpful and make you see the bigger picture, but it’s also good to try the game. The software providers and the partnered casinos will give you virtual credits that promise hours of fun. Once you load the game, you can access everything that a real money player can access, like the payout table, audio controls, help window, and more. We highly recommend adding free casino games on affiliate sites because this should increase the number of visits. Many casino game affiliates are doing their best to provide access to the latest titles because they know that players are looking for info about these releases. So, if they could also play the game and read about it, that would be perfect.

On the other hand, we have real money games. Using these games is recommended only to players who have read the reviews and are ready to invest their money to play them. So, as you have probably guessed, the difference between playing free and real money games is that you can win real money when playing the latter. Of course, you can also lose your money, so there’s a risk involved. When playing with real money, it’s essential to manage it properly. Affiliate websites usually recommend investing money you can afford to lose and placing several small-to medium-sized bets instead of one or two big bets. Generally speaking, you must play several rounds to expect something in return. Also, it might take dozens of rounds (or more) in games like slots to hit big wins.

What information should Casino Game Affiliate Sites provide?

We have already discussed some of the information that casino game affiliate sites provide. Still, there are a few more things that a site needs to stand out from the crowd. So, we talked about the casino game reviews. Now it’s time to mention the rest of the information that the most successful affiliates share with their readers.

Information about online casinos

All the games we listed and explained above are played in specially designed online casinos. The casino games affiliates redirect players to one of the online casinos they have established professional relationships with to let players try the game for real money. This means readers (prospective real money players) should get information about these online casinos before joining one.

The information about online casinos includes the site’s history and its owner. This is one of the things that can help you determine whether you are looking at a reputable website. Some gambling websites have been on the market for years. Others might be new, but they are owned by companies that already have several online casinos in their portfolios. Furthermore, affiliates deliver info about the game’s licenses and security features, which is very important nowadays when many online users are victims of malicious hacking activities. All in all, this is general information that should help the reader understand what they can expect.

How to sign up

Every online casino has its own sign-up process. The good news is that in almost all cases, this process doesn’t require more than a couple of minutes to be completed. Casino games affiliate websites usually use a step-by-step approach to help readers become registered members of specific online casinos. These steps start by explaining where they can find the sign-up page (there’s usually a button in one of the upper corners of the homepage or on a banner where you can also see the welcome bonus).

It continues with the sign up process itself. This is where the differences come into play. Some casinos require minimum information from the users, like choosing a username and password, sharing their email address, and accepting the terms and conditions. Others will ask users to share their address and phone number and choose a currency. Once you provide this information, you will become a registered member. In addition to explaining this process and which information is okay to share with the site, the affiliates should also discuss the verification process. Most online casinos ask their users to confirm their email so they can place a deposit and withdraw their winnings. However, some will ask you for scanned personal documents like your ID or passport.

Information about bonuses

To be honest, bonuses are one of the most attractive things about online casinos. You won’t find many land-based casinos where you can enter and get three times your deposit as a new player. However, this is not uncommon for their online counterparts.

The most successful online casino games affiliates will provide detailed information about all bonuses currently found on the gambling website. Most of them pay attention to the tiniest details regarding the welcome bonus, which makes sense—they are usually visited by players looking for new online casinos. To help players get the best experience, they will also explain the promotions for regular players like reload bonuses, free spins, and more. Many online casinos also have loyalty/reward/VIP programs for their most loyal players and/or high-rollers. It’s a smart move to include information about these programs, too, because some of them are pretty rewarding. The programs make players stay on the gambling site as long as possible and play to get something in return (other than the regular prizes). Besides discussing the sheer numbers present in these bonuses, like the percentages and maximum amounts (which everyone can see on the banners on every gambling site), affiliate sites should summarize the bonus conditions. In some cases, these conditions are presented in a complex way, making players confused. The affiliates can help readers understand whether a bonus is worthwhile or not by highlighting the wagering requirements, games that contribute to the conditions, deadlines, and limits.

Information about deposit and withdrawal methods

If you want to play with real money, you must deposit some funds into your account. How you do it is crucial for most players because they all have preferred payment methods. So, when providing information about the online casinos, affiliates must list all the deposit methods available there.

In addition to the payment options to top up players’ accounts, a few other things must be addressed. First, you should discuss the time needed to process the requests and the limits. In the case of deposits, the processing time is usually instant, and the limits are relatively high. The situation is a bit different regarding withdrawal methods. Usually, players have fewer options and the limits are lower. Depending on the solution, processing the payments takes 1 to 5 days. Then there are daily, weekly, and/or monthly limits, which can be very important to those planning on using large amounts of money.

Customer service

Customer service at online casinos can be vital, especially when users find themselves in a problematic situation. The FAQ sections of online casinos can be helpful, but they usually contain generic questions and answers. For specific solutions, players need help from human company representatives—the customer service agents. Reputable online casino affiliate sites will test the casinos’ customer service.

The time needed to get in touch with the agents and the method used to reach them play important roles. So, affiliates will usually list the available communication channels on the site (email, live chat, and/or phone) and the time needed to contact the agents and get answers.

Access to free casino games

As we already said, access to free casino games can benefit every player greatly. That’s probably why online casino games affiliate sites provide information about the available free casino games on every site. A good review or overview should include the number of titles in each popular category (slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo, etc.). It should also discuss the variants of these games.

Of course, the demo versions should be available on the affiliate website. Still, players must get quick access to casinos where they can also play these releases for real money.

Crypto Casino Games

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed the number of crypto casinos. We’re talking about gambling sites where you can play your favorite games with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, etc.

So, in general, crypto casino games are just regular games (slots, scratch cards, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, etc.) available in crypto-friendly or exclusive crypto casinos. It’s all about the payment method, in other words. However, recently, we’ve witnessed the emergence of games designed exclusively for crypto players (usually crash games).

In any case, it would be beneficial for affiliates to create special sections for these games because more and more people use search engines to look for real money casino games played with cryptocurrencies.

Online Casino Games FAQs