Best Real Money Online Poker Sites 2022

Online poker affiliate sites are designed to attract players interested in online poker and send them to online poker rooms. The owners of these sites earn a commission for every player they send. So, basically, they are publishers focused on online poker connected to affiliate programs that let them promote poker offers.

The best poker online affiliates are neutral and recommend casinos and poker rooms to players based on their preferences. They offer detailed information about the most popular free poker online websites and provide guides that can help players with the game itself. With their help, readers can learn more about this card game and where to play it to get the best online experience.

Pros and Cons of Online Poker Affiliates

Generally speaking, online poker affiliates are helpful, but they may come with specific downsides too.


• Players can get familiar with all types of poker games
• They can read reviews about specific titles
• An opportunity to take advantage of exclusive bonuses
• Useful info about poker sites (reviews)


• Not all online poker affiliate sites are unbiased
• Some websites are focused on just a few brands

The Best Online Poker Affiliate Sites for US Players

US poker players have specific needs and requirements. Also, they can’t join every site they stumble upon on the Internet because not all websites are available to US players. To help you out, we created this list of the best online poker affiliate sites for US players:

What is the role of an online poker affiliate site?

We have already highlighted the most common definition of online poker affiliate websites, and it is now time to discuss their primary roles.

There’s no doubt that the ability of these sites to redirect new players to poker rooms is the most important thing about them. Of course, every poker room is advertising itself in various ways (through email campaigns, search engine ads, social media marketing, etc.), but the best affiliates can do this faster and reach more people because this is their fundamental objective. These sites include marketing teams that know how to get the most from every marketing campaign. They can reach thousands of players and send them to the desired destination.

Another thing that makes these platforms great is that they help players learn how to maximize the effects of online poker activities (be it real money or poker online free activities). For example, they can check detailed poker room reviews. Some sites have dozens of reviews with every feature in these rooms, like the size of poker rooms and their importance. Based on this info, you can rest assured that you made the right choice as a player. Most of them also have guides, articles, and blog posts about this card game that will make you a better player.

What should new and veteran players look for in an affiliate site?

Even though there are thousands of poker players, even more individuals are interested in the online version of this gambling activity. Those who have never played online should look for the pages dedicated to how-to guides, poker tips and tricks, and blog posts present on affiliate websites. With their help, you will learn the difference between good and mediocre rooms in terms of selection of tournaments and games, bonuses, customer support, and more. In addition, readers can check detailed poker game guides with unique tips and strategies that can help them maximize the effects of their gambling activity.

Even veteran players can benefit greatly from affiliate sites. The most important advantage is the chance to read (and use) the latest bonuses in various poker rooms. Instead of browsing different platforms, you get an offer on a single page. Also, seasoned players can use these platforms to get familiar with new poker rooms. Just like casinos and online sports betting websites, such rooms (and sites) are unveiled monthly, and it’s good to stay up-to-date with the latest offer.

In-depth Online Poker Reviews

Do you know what to look for in an online poker room? Is it the bonus offer, or maybe you should focus on the tournaments? You can clear the dilemmas by visiting a good affiliate site and reading detailed online poker reviews. These reviews are prepared by experts in this field who analyze the features and advantages of every popular website. Simultaneously, they will provide information about the potential downsides of using specific operators. In any case, you can expect neutral poker site reviews.

Literally, every aspect of the site’s functioning is analyzed in these reviews. Reading these reviews will help you decide whether to join or avoid that operator. To get a better picture of what you can expect, we will highlight the main points of in-depth online poker reviews.

Free Online Poker Bonuses

It’s hard to miss the bonus offers in most online poker rooms. These platforms use banners, pop-up ads, and other marketing tools to make the specially-designed rewards for the players visible. Additionally, the advertised bonuses and promos are easy to understand with the figures displayed in the ads. Yet, to learn the actual value of each offer, you must consider a few things pointed out by online poker affiliate sites.

With the help of online poker affiliates, you can understand the terms of each free poker online bonus. They cover the wagering requirements, contribution rates, caps on winnings, minimum deposits, expiration dates, and other essential things.

Welcome Bonuses

Almost every online poker site has a bonus created for new players. So, it’s no wonder many online poker affiliate websites have pages focused on these deals. Only players who have signed up for the first time can take advantage of these bonuses after placing the first deposit. They can expect bonus money, cashback deals, and other rewards.

Deposit Bonuses

You shouldn’t have problems identifying good deposit bonuses at poker sites. Once again, it’s much easier to find the best deals when you have the help of a good affiliate site. As the name suggests, players get this type of bonus whenever they deposit money into their accounts.

No Deposit Bonuses

With no deposit bonuses, you don’t have to risk your money to get rewarded. Typically, they are available to new players who have finished the registration process. Still, sometimes poker sites give them to users who will complete specific activities like following the site’s social media account. These are not very common rewards, so it’s best to check online poker affiliate sites for instant information instead of spending hours on research.

Cashback Bonuses

In online poker, just like in life, you will succeed in some gambling sessions and fail in others. But, even if you’ve lost money, you may get a chance to get some of the cashback without additional playing. This happens when the online poker room has a cashback bonus offer. To get the most from these deals, visit the affiliate site’s paragraph on cashback bonuses.

Online Poker Variants

Even though online poker variants can be divided into three broad categories, dozens of subgroups have specific rules. It can be challenging to learn all about these things if the information is not categorized and presented simply. You can expect this from affiliate sites dedicated to this casino game.

With the best affiliates, you can read about the rules of each poker variant and get valuable tips that will improve your results. They often share betting strategies and provide information about free online poker games that let you practice.

No-Limit Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular type of online poker game, but did you know that this poker variant has several subgenres? One of them is No-Limit Hold’em, which became the dominant subgenre in the last decade. It’s prevalent among newbies. As the name suggests, this game doesn’t come with betting limits as long as you raise at least twice the big blind or previous bet.

Limit Hold’em

Back in the day, Limit Hold’em was the most popular type of Texas Hold’em. However, its popularity is declining, but there are still thousands of players practicing it. In his form, bets and raises during the first couple of wagering rounds (the so-called pre-flop and flop) must match the big blind. Simply put, there are betting limits that one must follow to stay in the game.


Omaha, also known as Omaha Holdem or Omaha Hold’em, is another popular community card poker game. It works similarly to Texas Hold’em. To be more precise, each player gets four cards and must make the best hand with two of these cards plus three of the five community cards to win the round.

Seven-Card Stud

We also have several stud poker variants, and Seven-Card Stud is among them. You may find it as Down-The-River and Seven-Toed Pete too. You can play this game with two to eight participants. As you may have guessed, each player gets a seven-card (some of which are face-up) and participate in several betting rounds. In the end, players use five of the seven cards to beat the opponents.

Five-Card Draw

Those interested in something simpler (even though poker games are rarely overly complex) can try Five-Card Draw poker. The primary objective is to get a five-card hand better than the others. Players have face-down cards and get a chance to replace some or all of them before the showdown. So, it’s a variant that leaves a lot of space for bluffing.

Online Poker Tournaments – Format & Games

Getting involved in a poker session with other players in a single session on a single table can be fun (and lucrative). Still, things can become much more thrilling when you join a tournament. Thanks to modern technology, dozens or hundreds of players can become part of online tournaments. As a result, the prize pools can be massive.
The format and games of these online poker tournaments are not set in stone, and every poker room can spice them up with unique features and options. Yet, a few types of poker tournaments are common today, and you can find their names and descriptions below.

Sit & Go (SNG)

Sit & Go or SNG is a trendy poker tournament with no scheduled starting time. It will begin when the necessary number of players have paid for access. Most Sit & Go tournaments include single tables with nine or ten players, but you can also find multi-table games.

Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT)

As the name suggests, Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) include many players playing simultaneously at dozens or sometimes hundreds of poker tables. So, in a way, they are similar to SNG, but they have more participants.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a type of poker that’s played between two players. It’s worth noting that this is almost always a compulsory stage in most SNG poker tournaments. In most cases, you will have to win several rounds to become the outright winner.


This is probably the most common form of poker tournament today. Interestingly, players can’t expect rebuys during freezeout tournaments, and play goes on until one player gets all the chips. Obviously, he will become the winner.

Unlimited Rebuys

Just because you’ve lost your money at a table doesn’t mean that you should leave the tournament, at least not when you are part of an Unlimited Rebuys event. When players lose, they have an opportunity to pay the admission fee again and join the action. There’s no limit on the times you can pay the admission fee, but there’s a time limit.


What makes this type of tournament exciting and different than the others is the blind levels. Namely, in Turbo tournaments, the blind levels go up much faster than conventional play.


A tournament within a tournament – that’s how we can describe satellites. They represent tournaments where the prize is a free entrance to a more significant (more lucrative) tournament.


During so-called Guarantees, players can expect to get a minimum amount of money (in case they win) regardless of the number of participants and the admission fee. So, there’s a chance they can win more than the advertised amount, but there’s also a guaranteed minimum prize pool.

Deep/Short Stack

It’s all about the size of stacks of chips involved in these tournaments. Short stack is a term that describes a relatively small stack of chips for the stakes being used. On the other hand, deep stack represents a large stack of chips compared to the stakes in play.


When the tournament doesn’t require an entry fee, we call it a freeroll tournament. This means that the prize pool is provided by the house. The house can benefit from selling tickets to spectators, getting sponsorships, and charging for beverages and foods in land-based casinos. In online casinos, these events are usually organized for marketing purposes. Which creates an opportunity to enjoy free poker online.

Knock Out

Things can get pretty exciting fast when you are part of a knock out tournament. During these events, you earn additional prizes for each player you manage to eliminate.

Banking Options

When planning your next online poker session, you must consider the banking options you have in the poker room you are interested in. The poker room reviews provided by the best online poker affiliate sites contain information about these things.

Modern poker sites tend to include as many payment methods as possible. Indeed, the number of withdrawal options is usually lower compared to deposit solutions. Still, you should probably find at least one method that suits you.

It can be challenging to find online poker sites that don’t accept credit/debit cards today. Most will gladly help you deposit funds with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or other credit/debit card providers. In addition, you should be able to deposit money with e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. Some sites accept vouchers. Recently, more and more websites offer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash. Finally, we have direct bank transfers.

As we said, the number of withdrawal methods is typically lower. Still, you should expect bank transfers and e-wallets as options.

When discussing the banking options, you should consider the limits and timeframes. By limits, we mean the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal limits. The minimum amounts are usually around $10, while the maximum amounts should be around several thousand dollars per transaction. Users should analyze the restrictions in terms of the number of times they can withdraw funds in a month or week because this can seriously impact their gaming experience.

As for the timeframes, every online poker room requires processing time to check and confirm the payouts. These requests are usually processed in no more than 3 business days. For a faster variant, always opt for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Also, you should not forget that every payment system needs time to redirect the funds to your bank account or wallet.

The good thing is that the best online poker sites don’t charge fees for the transfers.

User Experience

The top online poker sites know what users need and value the most and what their abilities and limitations are. As a result, they can promise a flawless user experience whenever they use the site. Many things impact your poker experience over the Internet, and the affiliate sites mentioned above pay special attention to these things.

Customer Support

For starters, we have customer support. It’s not unusual even for veteran players to require assistance from the poker room’s representatives. Indeed, you can find helpful information on the FAQ pages and in the Help Centers available on many poker websites. Still, sometimes you need help from a real person. When dealing with a reputable platform, you can expect service from well-trained, qualified, and friendly customer support agents. Most make these agents available through several channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Also, you should look for sites that promise fast responses.

Mobile Experience

The mobile-friendliness of an online poker website (regardless of whether we are discussing online poker free or real money solutions) is a crucial issue. Even if you don’t play on the go often, there is a chance that you will try something like this in the future, and when you do, you probably want a hassle-free experience. The most successful poker rooms have responsive designs. In case you didn’t know, they were designed to make them visible properly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There will be no distortion or other problems regardless of the screen size. The good news is that most poker rooms have such a design.

While discussing mobile-friendliness, we should mention the poker apps. To be honest, not every site has a poker app, but that shouldn’t be a problem for mobile players. Think of these apps as taking the mobile experience to another level. Some operators have special bonuses for those using these applications. This makes sense because it’s easier for them to get in touch with users by sending push notifications on their devices. Also, the apps provide a different experience compared to the site open via a mobile web browser. So, it’s even easier to play your favorite poker games this way. When choosing an online poker room with an app, make sure to opt for one that has an application created for your smartphone’s/tablet’s operating system (iOS, Android, etc.).


Here’s another thing affecting the overall user experience. You cannot expect a memorable experience (at least not in a good way) when you are unsure of the security and protection you can expect at the website you use. So, the poker reviews we mentioned above conducted by poker affiliate sites test the security and safety of users of these poker rooms.

First, they will check whether the site is licensed. The ones from the United States have licenses issued by the respective state authorities. Then we have the offshore websites, which usually have licenses issued by Costa Rica and Curacao governments. The important thing here is to look for licensed online poker platforms.

Of course, there are other things you should look for in online poker rooms regarding your safety and security. For example, the best websites will promise a high level of encryption that keeps communication and data sharing between users and the site confidential. With the latest technology, it’s almost impossible for hackers to break the encryption. Also, they use firewalls and other things that keep things safe.

News/Blog content

To stay on top, the most popular poker affiliate websites cover every aspect of this scene. So, it’s not just the poker room reviews you can expect from them. Visitors can also check the latest trends in this growing industry and future projects that may change how we play poker online. Think of them as news platforms for everything related to online poker and free poker online.

In addition, we have blog content where experts share their thoughts on online poker, provide tips and deliver strategies that were tested personally. Any question you might have about online poker will be answered by affiliate sites instantly. The good news is that many of them have search engines within the site that helps readers find what they are looking for.

Online Poker Affiliates FAQs

We can all agree that the guide about the best online poker affiliate sites we prepared for you is thorough. However, some readers may still have some questions regarding this topic. If you are one of them, check our FAQ section, where you can find straight answers.