Best Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions – United States 2022

With so many online casinos available to US players, it’s only natural for these gambling websites to look for ways to attract new players and keep the existing happy. One of the ways to make this happen is to offer attractive bonuses and promotions. These incentives include free spins, cashback deals, bonus money on top of deposits, loyalty programs, online casino no deposit bonus offers, and more.

Players can expect many benefits thanks to the best online casino bonuses and promotions in the United States. For instance, they get an opportunity to earn without wagering their money. In the case of an online casino no deposit bonus, players don’t even have to deposit money. They also help players check casino offers, especially when they receive free spins. Finally, we also have bonuses that encourage players to try new games.

Best USA Online Casino Bonuses 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the best bonuses on offer from online casinos in 2022:

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What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus represents an amount of money, a number of spins, or another incentive that online casinos add to registered players’ accounts so they can play without risking their own money. In most cases, players must deposit a certain amount of money to get “free money” in return. Still, there are other types of bonuses too.

There’s more than one reason why casinos give these promos and bonuses. For example, this is one of the ways gambling sites can make visitors register and deposit money on their platform. Next, this is also a token of appreciation for existing, regular players. Finally, some sites use these bonuses to see high-roller’s preferences, so they can adjust future tailored bonus offers to their needs.

What You Need To Know About Your Online Casino Bonus

Claiming an online casino bonus is a simple task. This straightforward process is described from the moment you click on the offer (be it on the casino itself or a review website, or an email message). However, to make the most of such an offer and ensure that it is worth your time (and sometimes your money), you must learn a few things.

Read the Terms and Conditions

This is the first thing that every US player should do before claiming an online casino bonus. Most online casinos have a page dedicated to the terms and conditions of using the site and bonuses. Some of them have unique pages focused on bonus T&Cs. To stay safe and maximize your benefits, you should definitely read this. All the things we listed below are found there.

Minimum Qualifying Deposit

Most bonuses and promotions require depositing money, which is especially true for deposit bonuses, which is logical. When online casinos promote these offers, they usually highlight the maximum amount of money you can get. Still, no one mentions the minimum amount, and there’s always a minimum qualifying deposit.

Fortunately, this minimum amount is not that big in most cases except maybe for reload bonuses which can start with $30 or even $50. The rest of the offers usually require deposits worth at least $10.

What are the bonus requirements?

Another thing you should consider regarding online casino bonuses and promotions is their requirements. Simply put, you must check whether you are eligible for that bonus, and we are not talking about the standard requirements of being at least 18 years old.

For instance, welcome bonuses are designed only for new players that have not used this promotion. On the other hand, specific VIP bonuses can be used only by high rollers. There are also deals for specific casino sections like a live dealer or poker bonuses.

But, what’s even more critical is the wagering requirements. Most deals have wagering/playthrough/rollover requirements. This means that once you receive the bonus amount, you must wager this amount a predetermined number of times before withdrawing the funds you earned. Let’s say you received a deposit bonus worth $100, and the wagering requirements are 30x. This means that you must wager $3,000 to get the winnings. The casino sets these requirements, but they usually start with 20x and end with 50x. Ideally, they should be around 30x.

Don’t forget that sometimes you have to wager only the bonus amount. At the same time, in other cases, you’ll be asked to wager the bonus + deposit amount. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

How do you activate your bonus?

The best online casinos do everything they can to simplify the activation process. This is a sign that they are genuinely interested in rewarding players and that the deals they offer are not marketing gimmicks. Yet, they use different approaches for the activation process.

First, you may be asked to type in a bonus code in a designated field. These codes can be found on the homepage, on your email, or on affiliate sites. Without the codes, you can’t claim the bonus. Some websites award these promotions automatically by adding them to your bonus account. In this case, you don’t have to do anything. Finally, some sites will ask you to click on links sent to your account’s inbox, email, or SMS to get the bonus. Regardless of the approach, you should get instructions to claim the prize.

Does the bonus expire?

Modern online casinos are changing their bonus offers every now and then to keep things more interesting. So, most of the promos you are looking at at the moment on any gambling site will not be the same in a few months. So, even though it’s true that you don’t have to use a bonus, you should check its expiration date if you are interested in some offer.

Also, even when the bonus is activated, players must use the free spins or money in a specific period (7 days, 14 days, or 30 days). This is very important when the deals come with wagering requirements.

How do I max out the value of my bonus?

The answer to this question depends on the type of bonus and its terms. To maximize the value of your prize, you should read the T&Cs and consider your gambling style.

Cap on Winnings

Another critical issue that must be considered is the cap on winnings. Players must remember that limits are applied to the winnings acquired with the help of bonuses and promotions. Indeed, it would be a bad deal to opt for a reward that promises maximum winnings of $2,000 when you deposit $1,000 and meet the 40x wagering requirements. You should analyze these things and look for gambling sites with caps on winnings worth at least several thousand dollars. Once again, it’s all written in the T&Cs.

How are Online Casino Bonuses Calculated?

It’s easy to understand what you get with some bonuses. For example, if you read a banner offering 25 free spins to all players, you know what to expect. However, the situation can become more complicated when percentages and various amounts are involved in the story. This is usually the case with the welcome and/or deposit bonuses. The best way to learn how online casino bonuses are calculated is to check an example.

Various online casinos offer deals like a 100% match bonus up to $200. So, what does this exactly mean? You will get a 100% match bonus on top of your deposit; the $200 is the maximum limit. So, if you deposit $200 or $300, you can still expect to get $200 in bonus money. On the other hand, you can also deposit $50; in this case, you’ll get $50 in bonus money (or $100 in total).

Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements and Contribution Rates

Even though some promotions are not burdened with wagering requirements and contribution rates, most promos have them. Since they strongly impact the value of bonuses, it’s highly recommended to read about these things before opting for any casino deal. We will start with the wagering requirements.

Some people know them as playthrough, while others call them rollover, but the naming of these requirements doesn’t make a difference. They are here to protect operators from abuses by dishonest players. If it wasn’t for this mechanism, players would simply claim the bonus and withdraw it to their bank accounts or wallets without playing games. So, the wagering requirements determine the number of times bonus users must wager the bonus amount (sometimes the deposit amount is also included) to clear the winnings, which will then become available for withdrawal.

Modern online casinos have different wagering terms, but generally, they are between 25x and 40x. Other things can affect the value of a bonus offer. Still, you should be careful if the numbers are above 40x because the bonus may be useless. So, if the wagering requirement is 40x and you received $100 in bonus money, you’ll need to wager $4,000 to get the winnings.

Let’s not forget that players can’t expect the same contribution rates from all games. The majority of gambling websites accept slots as games that contribute 100%. In other words, if you wager $100 on a slot game, you contribute $100 to the wagering requirements. For example, other games, like roulette, can contribute 5% or 10% in many cases. So, for every $100 wagered, you participate with just $5 or $10.

How to Claim Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Since online casino no deposit bonus offers are very beneficial (although rare), it’s a good idea to dedicate a section to this guide explaining how to claim such bonuses.

Step 1: Find a no deposit bonus you like

First things first – you have to identify a good no deposit bonus online casino to get the most from such an offer. Players list them on our website, so they can finish this task quickly.

Step 2: Sign up with the Casino Site

We already mentioned that you don’t need to deposit funds to claim a no deposit bonus (hence the name), but you still must complete the sign-up process. This simple procedure will probably require your name, home address, and email address, and it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to finish it.

Step 3: Opt-In to the no deposit bonus

This step depends on the casino you joined. Some sites will automatically add this bonus to your account, while others require a bonus code. Read the promo section for additional information.

Step 4: Insert the Casino Bonus Code

As we said, some gambling websites may require a casino bonus code. You must type this code in the designated box to activate the bonus.

Step 5: Find the Bonus in Your Account

Finally, head to your account and check whether the online casino no deposit bonus is activated and enjoy the reward!

Why Claim an online casino No Deposit Bonus?

In general, claiming any casino bonus should be a good thing, but if you are interested in why exactly using online casino no deposit deals is worth it, check the points below.

Easy to Claim

For starters, you don’t have to spend much time claiming the bonus. Players who used such deals will tell you that it takes a minute or two to get them on your account.


Another good reason you should try an online casino no deposit bonus is that it is risk-free. Players don’t have to deposit money and risk their funds to get this deal.

Test the Casino

With the help of no deposit bonus online casino offers, you can test the casino you have joined. It doesn’t matter whether you received free money or spins. This allows you to try some games and navigate the website without restrictions.

Try New Games

In many cases, no deposit bonuses are given to players through free spins so they can try new games (typically slots). So, this is another benefit of this casino bonus because it lets you try new games for free with a chance to win real money.

Online Casino Bonuses FAQ

If you still have questions about online casino bonuses, you may be able to find the answers in our FAQ section.